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Southern Japan Tours

Highly recommended for repeat travelers to Japan who wants to explore something different and less crowded.

The southern island called Kyushu is Japan's third largest island and has so much to offer. Kyushu is known for many things, mainly its delicious local food, exhilarating history, breathtaking scenery, hot springs and its friendly, outgoing people.

Kyushu used to be the only place in Japan open to the rest of the world during the Edo Period in the 19th century. Consequentially, you will find Western influences in Kyushu's culture, food and people.

Known for its mountainous landscape, Kyushu has some of Asias's most active volcanoes which means that hot springs are plentiful all throughout the island. Relax and replenish in the many health benefits that come from the natural hot spring water.

Contact us regarding one of our Southern Japan Tours to discover this charming area of Japan which is still relatively unexplored by other tourists.

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