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Modern Tokyo has arisen from the ashes left after the bombing of WW2. Tokyo is a unique Japanese version of a 21st Century city. Modernistic skyscrapers cast shadows over ancient temples. Traditional small shops, in narrow back streets, stand near to major department stores whose windows display world famous designer goods.

Among this blend of the new with the ancient there are many places of interest.


Akihabara is the famed "Electric City" where every imaginable electrical device is on display. Multi-storied department stores sell only electrical goods which get cheaper as the distance from the railway station increases. Many new electrical products not released overseas can be found here.


One of the oldest temples in Tokyo famed as the home of its rarely seen Golden Goddess to whom millions of Japanese come to pray. The long street of shops leading to the Temple is the Nakamise Dori where an incredible range of tourist souvenirs and Japanese arts and crafts can be found.


is the area with the designer label shops and designer label prices. It is the most expensive shopping area in Tokyo. It is worth a visit to stroll past the shop windows and gasp at the prices.


World famous Harajuku is the fashion district for young Japanese. It is best visited on a Sunday afternoon when the nearby Yoyogi Koen Park is closed to traffic. Young Japanese display their subcultures here. They perform everything from avant garde theatre to hard rock and punk music. To see the often weird costumes worn by youth in revolt against their ordered society is reason enough for the visit. Nearby is the Meiji Shrine to the Emperor who led Japan into the modern world.


Roppongi is the playground of the rich. By night it becomes the glittering disco capital of Tokyo with many noisy bars and restaurants. Tokyo Tower is nearby but is a much overrated tourist trap.


Shinjuku is the commercial centre of Tokyo with skyscrapers competing for space as they dominate the skyline. Many major international companies have their headquarters here. Among the highest buildings is the Metropolitan Government Office Building. From the 45th floor there is one of the best (and free) views of the City of Tokyo. On a clear day Mount Fuji can be seen.


The magnificent Kabuki theatre is home to this uniquely Japanese art form. Gorgeous costumes and elaborate settings make the performances memorable even though the ancient dialogue cannot be understood even by many Japanese.


If you have never been to a Disneyland this one is the most popular in the world and worth a visit. It is a near perfect replica of the Anaheim California original's rides, slides and shows


Tsukiji is the largest fish market in the world. Fish from every ocean in the world are sold here including some varieties not sold in other countries. It is worth a visit to see the distribution system which delivers fresh fish every day to thousands of restaurants not only in Tokyo but all over Japan.


Ueno Park contains many museums and art galleries. It is famous for its cherry blossoms in April when thousands of trees burst into colour making an unforgettable display Nearby is the Ameyoko-cho Arcade a very long shopping street market selling every kind of merchandise.

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