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21 Day Grand Tour

Single package:
Twin package:
Triple package:
  • 21 Day Japan Rail Pass
  • JPY 1,500 Pasmo Card for use on the non JR trains
  • Tokyo Guided Morning Tour
  • Nikko World Heritage Tour
  • Ainokura & Shirakawago Tour
  • Kyoto Guided Morning Tour
  • 5 nights at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel - Tokyo
  • 2 nights at the Hakone Hotel - Hakone inc b/fast
  • 2 nights at the Hida Hotel Plaza - Takayama inc b/fast
  • 2 nights at the Hotel Mystays Premier Kanazawa - Kanazawa
  • 3 nights at the Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo - Kyoto
  • 2 nights at the Hotel Granvia Okayama - Okayama
  • 2 nights at the Hotel Granvia Hiroshima - Hiroshima
  • 2 nights at the Hotel Vischio Osaka by Granvia - Osaka

If you plan to visit Japan just once in your lifetime, our 21 Day Grand Tour of Japan will ensure you see all the major highlights in just one visit.


Day 17: Hiroshima - Osaka
Dotombori River, Osaka

Dotombori River, Osaka

From Hiroshima Station board the Hikari bullet train to Shin-Osaka Station. (2 hrs) Change trains and board the local JR line to Osaka Station. (4 min)

Your accommodation at the Hotel Vischio Osaka by Granvia is a 5 minute walk from Osaka Station.

Osaka has a long history as one of the oldest seaports in Japan and has flourished as a window open to the culture and the goods of the Asian continent is known for its bargain shopping and delicious restaurants. For entertainment and shopping the Umeda and Namba districts have it all. Umeda, centred on Umeda Station, has a number of modern arcades which are always teaming with visitors and shoppers.

The Namba area boasts a 700-metre long arcade leading to the Dotombori River, a man-made canal completed in 1615. In the Edo Period, the area along the river was the city's amusement quarter where five theatres entertained the citizens. Today, theses theatres are still there, though transformed into cinemas and comedy halls. Dotombori is even busier at night glittering with colourful neon signs, extravagant restaurant decorations and alive with pop music. The night life may keep you awake until the early hours!

Stay: Hotel Vischio Osaka by Granvia - 1/2

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