Japan Rail (JR) Passes

The Japan Rail Pass allows unlimited travel on the entire national Japan Railway (JR) network, including JR bullet trains, JR local trains, JR ferries, and JR buses.

There are two kinds of Japan Rail Passes: Green and Ordinary. The Japan Rail Pass Green is valid in the superior class green carriages without additional charges.
7-day, 14-day and 21-day passes are available.

Japan Rail Pass Ordinary Green
Duration Adult Child* Adult Child*
7 Day $388 $194 $518 $259
14 Day $619 $309 $839 $420
21 Day $791 $396 $1092 $546

*Pass prices for children apply from age six to, and including, age eleven.

** Prices subject to change.

The Japan Rail Pass is available to:

1/ Tourists visiting Japan from abroad under "temporary visitor" entry status.

2/ Japanese nationals living in a foreign country,

  • as a resident in that country for ten or more consecutive years

How to apply for a Japan Rail Pass:

1/ Purchase an exchange order with us BEFORE coming to Japan (Japan Rail Passes cannot be purchased in Japan).

2/ After arrival in Japan, go to the JR Information and Ticket Office at Narita Airport, or to one of the JR Travel Service Centres, such as Tokyo Station. Exchange your exchange order for your Japan Rail Pass; when you fill out the pass application form, specify the first date on which you want to use the pass. Show your passport at the time of exchange.

3/ The exchange order must be exchanged within three months of the date of issue.

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